Bangladesh Catholic Student Movement (BCSM)

What is BCSM and why is BCSM??
Bangladesh Catholic Students’’ Movement(BCSM) is a student movement. It is not a movement for attaining any political goals or any demands. This movement is solely constituted and run by Catholic students. The center of this movement is the ideology of Christ. This movement not only builds up a Christian mentality amongst students but also it helps organize students in resolving different problems by formation and educative procedures.
History (in world and Bangladesh)
IMCS (InternationalMovement for Catholic Students) started its journey in 1921 in Switzerland in the name of PAX ROMANA and is now being continued in 90 countries of the present world. IMCS is recognized as an International catholic Organization by the holy see. It has consultative status B at UNESCO and Status II at ECOSOC( economic and Social Council of the United Nations).
IMCS has been trying to organize the catholic students of Bangladesh under one unit since the time of Liberation. They have been communicating BD then by the method of different student’s organizations and visits. In this context, in the year of 1991 on 20-24th October NATIONAL CONFERENCE took place at NOTRE DAME COLLEGE, Dhaka and thus BCSM was formed.

Present Situation of BCSM
BCSM is recognized by CBCB (Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh) and is a full member of IMCS. BCSM achieved this full membership in the month of June in 1995.

Building a society of justice and peace by means of-
• Self-development
• Social change

• Growing up a Christian mentality among students and being a witness to Christian values through work.
• Growing up awareness amongst students regarding different social and National issues and evaluating those in Christ’s Ideology.
• Promoting different formation programs relating to real and social life and thus inspiring students in different development works.
• Helping and motivating students in educational sectors.
• Following the methodology of IMCS.

The process followed to run the movement is stated below:
i) Experiencing the reality/see: This is the first step in decision making and planning. Detailed information about the decision to be taken is valued in this step.
ii) Analysis/Judge: The decision is analyzed in this step and different sectors are sorted.
iii) Reflection in Biblical point of view: This step helps in taking decision in the context of the Holy Scripture.
iv) Action: work is to be done as per the decision taken. This is not the termination process; rather it is a stepping stone the following works.
v) Evaluation: Coordination of the planning and action is judged in this step.

• Students from College and University are eligible to be members.
• The executive committee can approve the membership after the candidate fills up the necessary forms.
• Amount of fee: the form costs tk 5.00, admission fee is tk 20.00 and membership fee for one year is tk 25.00. In total tk 50.00. The members are to pay tk 25.00 later on for annual membership.

Types of Membership and Eligibility:
There are 3 types of members in BCSM:
i) Associate member: Those who study in Higher Secondary Level.
ii) Full Member: Those who have passed the Higher Secondary Level.
iii) Honorary Member: Those who were members of BCSM and have completed their study but still want to devote themselves in the works of BCSM. But they will have to pay a required amount of fee for this purpose.

How can one attain the membership of BCSM?
After fulfilling the necessary steps of form fill ups and then being approved by the Central Committee, Adviser Committee one can become e member of BCSM.
Structure (National Stage)
Executive Committee: President, General Secretary. Treasurer, Organizing Secretary and 3 members. These 7 members constitute the EC and they are elected by the direct votes of the full members.
Central Committee: 7 members from the EC and 2 members from each diocese in total (7+12) =19 members make the Central Committee.
Adviser Committee: For the EC and Central Committee there are 4 persons working as advisers.
Chaplain:One chaplain is selected by CBCB for the spiritual and religious formation who is also a member of the Adviser Committee.

Activities of BCSM
i) Study Session: being a fundamental activity of BCSM, study session is constructed based on different national and international issues with the reflection from the Holy Bible.
ii) Lent and Advent Conference: to prepare the members for the Easter and Christmas different initiatives are taken.
iii) Diocesan Conference (DC): For clarifying the activities of BCSM to the members of 6 dioceses, DC is held on regular intervals.
iv) Diocese visit: For building up communication locally and strengthening the brotherhood amongst all dioceses visit is a regular activity.
v) National Conference (NC): representatives from all over the country take part in NC in order to spread BCSM countrywide and developing it’s working sectors.
vi) National Assembly (NA): Every year a NA is held where EC is selected by direct votes of the full members.
vii) Work-shop: Workshops are held for formation of the members on different issues.
viii) United activities: Working alongside other student movements on different social, national and international issues.
ix) Religious and National Festivals: celebrating the national events and thus building oneself as dedicated citizens.
x) Representing in the National and International conferences: The members of BCSM can take part in different National and International conferences, trainings and workshops.
xi) Publishing ‘BCSM BARTA’: In every 3 months a magazine is published for helping the members broadcast their latent talents.

Apart from these BCSM has taken these following activities:

i) Rural Exposure: For bringing out the talents in students, different educational and formation exposures are maintained.
ii) HSC program: For guiding the HSC students towards a good life, HSC program is held.
iii) Communicating with the students’ and youth organizations: BCSM discusses regarding different vital issues with different students’ and youth organizations

Bangladesh Catholic Students Movement

Executive Team as of 11 Nov 2017

SL. Name Designation Contact
1. Brother Ujjal Placid Pereira C.S.C Chaplain
2 Mr. William Urban Nokrek President Email:

Cell: +880192 4319112

3 Mr. Shoshi Sylvester Peris General Secretary Email:
4 Ms. Maria Grace Sarker Treasurer Email:
5 Mr. Dipon Peter Gomes Organizing Secretary Email:
6 Mr. Ashis Dio Publication Secretary Email:
7 Ms. Disha Mary Gomes General member Email:
8 Mr. Patrick Drishya Purification General member Email:

Official email address;