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Visit to IMCS Nepal

Mr. Ruki Fernando, lay chaplain of IMCS Asia Pacific paid visit to IMCS Nepal and conducted a half day orientation as well as interaction session for the members of IMCS Nepal. Orientation was mainly focused on Spirituality and Identity of IMCS. Ten members actively participated and benefited a lot from the program.

Mr. Ruki explained on the history, role and structure of IMCS. He also provided opportunity for us to discus about issues pertaining to students and church in which he divided us into two groups for the discussion. Each group were given a topic to discuss and then from the group discussion, we presented the issues in regards to the students and church in Nepal to the whole group. From the issues presented Mr Ruki, gave us various ideas on how to tackle it. Since, being newly formed group, he said that working on these issues can be the road map to move forward for the group.

From these sessions, we got clear perspective and vision about being IMCS member and the role we have to perform. We came to realization that the spirituality and the action should go hand in hand and he told us to explore ourselves with discussion and debates. Mr. Ruki used parables from Bible and clarified about the spirituality and made us aware about our responsibility towards students, church and society.

Probably this program was the first where we discussed about the issues, as compared before where we were only limited with mass. Everyone got opportunity to put their views which made us to know each other very well and know capacity of our group. This program gave us the “We” feeling.

IMCS Nepal celebrates the first Holy Mass-Marks the start of the movement

Students of St. Xavier’s College of Maitigar, Kathmandu have celebrated the Holy mass, marking the official start of an IMCS movement in the Nepal on 16th of November 2016. IMCS has had connections with Nepali students for few decades and during the past few years the connections had been disrupted and a new initiative had been needed for years.

Previously the Nepalese student movement was based in the parish level. With the permission of Apostolic Vicar of Nepal, Bishop Paul Simick and the principal of St. Xavier’s College, Fr. Jiju Varghese S.J., thorough this new initiative, catholic students will have the opportunity to join with the international catholic students to continue their faith in actions to contribute to the IMCS global mission of a world of justice and peace. Fr. Jomon Jose, the chaplain of the IMCS Nepal joined with the students to celebrate the Holy Mass and to guide the initial meeting of the student movement.

IMCS representatives meeting Nepalese Bishop, Most rev. Paul Simick

IMCS Secretary General Ms. Evelina Manola and IMCS Asia Pacific Coordinator Mr. Ravi Tissera got the opportunity to meet Most Rev. Paul Simick, the Vicar Apostolic of Nepal on 23rd of October 2016 during their visit to Kathmandu, Nepal. IMCS representatives were warmly welcomed with local custom of handing over Khada shawls by Bishop Simick in the Assumption Church, the Cathedral of Kathmandu.

As the IMCS had lost the connections with the Nepali Catholic students in the past few years, representatives of IMCS had requested this long awaited meeting with the shepherd of Nepali Catholics. Being an alumnus of AICUF (All India Catholic Undergraduate Federation) the IMCS member of movement of India during his college days, Bishop Simick conveyed his gratitude to the IMCS about taking the interest to continue the mission with the Nepali students and gave his blessings to initiate the movement again in the Nepal among undergraduate level catholic students. IMCS representatives could meet Fr. Jiju Varghese, S.J. the principal and Fr. Jomon Jose, S.J. of St. Xavier’s College to discuss further about the initiative.