Union of Catholic Students of Republic of Indonesia (PMKRI)

  1. Vision/Mission and HISTORY

The Union of Catholic University Students of The Republic of Indonesia (in Indonesia ; Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Katolik Republik Indonesia/PMKRI) is a nationwide social organization in Indonesia. PMKRI is  a development organization which foundation Pancasila, imbued of Catholicism and encouraged of student.


Vision   : Created of social justice, humanity and sincere fraternity.

Mission : Struggle to get involved and take side with the oppressed tier, through populist intellectual cadres who imbued of  Catholicism to create of social justice, humanity and sincere fraternity.

PMKRI  constitute fusion from  KSV ( Katholike Studenten Vereniging) and The Federalisme  of University Students of Republic of Indonesia (in Indonesia ; Perserikatan Mahasiswa Katolik Republik Indonesia/PMKRI)  in Indonesia.  There are St. Bellarmine Catholic student association (KSV)  was the first Catholic student association, established in Batavia (now Jakarta) in 1928. In 1947, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic student association (KSV)  was founded in Bandung , West Java. And then the St. Lucas Catholic students association  (KSV) was founded in Surabaya, East Java in 1948. And   the last is  The Federalism  of University Students of Republic of Indonesia  was founded  in Yogyakarta  in 1947.  After following some meet and congress, these association fused an formed the PMKRI in Yogyakarta on 1947 with new name is The Catholic Union of University Students of  the Republic of  Indonesia (in Indonesia ; Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Katolik Republik Indonesia/PMKRI).

The decisions were produced ;

  1. PMKRI was founded in Yogyakarta on 25th May 1947
  2. PMKRI was located in location of National Board PMKRI.
  3. Four branchs founder PMKRI are PMKRI branch of Yogyakarta, PMKRI branch of Bandung, PMKRI branch of Jakarta and PMKRI branch of Subarabaya.
  4. In statute (ART) every branch of PMKRI have fasten a sentence, “ PMKRI is Federation KSV and PMKRI Yogyakarta have fused in 11th June 1951.”
  5. Thomas Aquinas is Patron Saint of PMKRI.
  6. PMKRI mottos’ is Religio Omnium Scientarium Anima.”
  7. Red purple (maroon) is color of  PMKRI berets’ (right now specially for PMKRI branch of Bandung wear black beret)
  8. Fuse congress is first congress PMKRI.
  9. Second congress PMKRI would organized in Surabaya before December 1952.
  10. Period of administrator is one year (right now two years in a period of administrator)
  11. PP PMKRI (National Board PMKRI) was chosen as soon as establish new branches in Indonesia and coordinate with chairman of KWI.
  12. PK Haryasudirja in acclamation is chairman of Nation Board PMKRI (PP PMKRI) period 1951 -1952spiri

Base on decision, PMKRI was born on 25th May  1947 in  Balai Pertemuan Gereja Katolik (right now; Widya Mandala) at Margokridonggo  street, Kotabaru Yogyakarta. (right now Abubakar Ali).

Based on suggestion of Mgr. Albertus Soegijapranata, in 25th May 1947 coincide Pentecostal days’ chosen as the day of PMKRI born. His suggestion  was accepted by founder of PMKRI. Mgr. Albertus Soegijapranata teach  day of PMKRI born coincide Pentecostal days’; it is mean that symbol  alight of third spirit from Most Holy Trinity is  Holy Spirit to Catholic of University Students’ for gather and struggle  with foundation of  Catholic theory’s, defend  and  contribute in  the independence Republic of Indonesia.

Founding father in each specific case organization  (KSV and PMKRI);

  1. Gang Keng Soei (Ks Gani)
  2. Ouw Jong Peng Koen (PK ojong)
  3. PK Haryasudirja
  4. Delegate from each specific case organization (KSV dan PMKRI) – who unwrite in history.

Priests have a role ;

  1. Pater J Willekens, SJ. (Vicar of Apostolic Batavia )
  2. Albertus Soegijapranata, SJ.
  3. Pater Beek, SJ.



Office National Board of  The  Catholic  Union of University  Students of The Republic of    Indonesia locatated at Dr. Sam Ratulangi street, Number 1, Menteng – Jakarta Pusat has 69 branches in Indonesia. Since was born in 1947 till 2016, PMKRI keep on improve to implementation vision and mission.

PMKRI has 13.800 members from 69 branches in Indonesia.

List of Branches as follows;




1. Airmadidi North Sulawesi
2. Ambon Maluku
3. Atambua East Nusa Tenggara
4. Bandung West Java
5. Banjarmasin East Kalimantan
6. Bandar Lampung Lampung
7. Bengkayang West Kalimantan
8. Bengkulu Bengkulu
9. Bintuni West Papua
10. Bitung North Sulawesi
11. Boa Wae East Nusa Tenggara
12. Bogor West Java
13. Denpasar Bali
14. Ende East Nusa Tenggara
15. Fak Fak West Papua
16. Jakarta Barat Dki Jakarta
17. Jakarta Pusat Dki Jakarta
18. Jakarta Selatan Dki Jakarta
19. Jakarta Timur Dki Jakarta
20. Jakarta Utara Dki Jakarta
21. Jambi Jambi
22. Jayapura Papua
23. Jayawijaya Papua
24. Jember East Java
25. Kefamenanu East Tenggara
26. Kendari South East Sulawesi
27. Kupang East Nusa Tenggara
28. Larantuka East Nusa Tenggara
27. Langgur /Tual North Maluku
30. Manado North Sulawesi
31. Manokwari West Papua
32. Madiun East Java
33. Makassar South Sulawesi
34. Malang East Java
35. Masohi North Maluku
36. Mataram West Nusa Tenggara
37. Maumere East Nusa Tenggara
38. Medan North Sumatera
39. Melawi East Kalimantan
40. Merauke Papua
41. Nabire Papua
42. Ngada East Nusa Tenggara
43. Nias North Sumatera
44. Padang West Sumatera
45. Palu Central Sulawesi
46. Palangkaraya Central Kalimantan
47. Palembang South Sumatera
48. Palopo South Sumatera
49. Pekanbaru Riau
50. Pematang Siantar Simalungun North Sumatera
51. Pontianak West Kalimantan
52. Purwokerto Central Java
53. Ruteng East Nusa Tenggara
54. Salatiga Central Java
55. Samarinda East Kalimantan
56. Saumlaki Maluku
57. Semarang Central Java
58. Sintang West Kalimantan
59. Solo Central Java
60. Sorong West Papua
61. Sorong Selatan West Papua
62. Sumedang West Java
63. Sungairaya West Kalimantan
64. Surabaya East Java
65. Tambolaka East Nusa Tenggara
66. Tomohon North Sulawesi
67. Tondano North Sulawesi
68. Toraja South Sulawesi
69. Yogyakarta DI Yogyakarta